About Dynamite Muay Thai (Sor. Nak Dee) ไดนาไมต์ศิลปะการต่อสู้



Authenticity, discipline, teamwork, empowerment and most of all the power of belief, all of which inspires and drives your fighting spirit to achieve your personal goals.


EVERY single member our fight team is 100% trained in-house at Dynamite.. NO Borrowing of champions, NO claiming of fighters, NO famous fighters now currently fighting out of Dynamite.. Just 100% will and time to train the skill. We have guest trainers and Thai fighter from our Thai sister gyms who come by from time to time but everything here is as real as it gets.. What more can you expect from a Muay Thai gym where the trainers travel to Thailand at least once per month every month teaching out of Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Eastern Main land China cities, Shanghai, Guangzhou as well as Melbourne.


Whether you are new to fitness or a competitive athlete, from offices to dangerous professions such as defense force or Law enforcement. Looking for an outlet from work stress derives from YOU making the time post the idea of what made your initial decision to look up fitness/exercise.






When I ask people prior trying out their first class the most common answer to:


“When do you want to start seeing results?”



They reply tentatively with “ASAP!”



I then bounce the question back of “How often will you dedicate to getting these results?”





THE FIRST STRAIN of procrastination reveals itself in the form of looking away and replying with, “Yeh, well I’m pretty busy at the moment and can’t commit to long term!” Then you already signed the long infamous list of the three U’s:



1)U are where U are, because U said and do so!”


2) Undefined want, Unmotivated will results in Unachievable goals!



Here at Dynamite ไดนาไมต์ Sor. Nak Dee our mission objective as standard operating procedure:

We keep it simple, train when you want, you will crave what you don’t have. Train like your life depends on it and every immediate factor in your life improves instantly and staying healthy with us becomes prioritized and infectious!


Busy people who start off barely 1-2 sessions per week end up making excuses for everything else and escaping the daily grind to come in for training every day.



The Dynamite Family is close nit due to this, come see for yourself!


Expert Tuition

Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee Fighter  (and Banker by day) claims World Muay Thai Federation women’s 51 kilogram gold medal 2015 3 stunning KO victories in the finals against 21 competing countries.









Performing traditional Wai Kru Ram Muay prior to the sparring during the Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee “Dynafight” development day in Melbourne October 2015


Women, men, any age, any experience ALL WELCOME!






Traditional Training






Annual Thailand Training Trips





Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee ไดนาไมต์ and the Dynamite Sor. Nak Dee Nak Muay Family Prides it’s self on:

  • First and foremost.. We are NOT a commercial gym.
  • We are a private gym built on respect and discipline with branches and affiliate gyms throughout Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong with Dynamite being Head quartered at the Melbourne CBD facility.
  • Brand new training equipment for all levels – Thailand’s elite K-Pad brand for the fight team, Twins Special gear for general classes
  • Culturally diverse, multi lingual friendly
  • Technically focused and individual goal driven, approachable instructors
  • Official TKO C4 Professional Fight Gear Testing ground
  • Official Evelyn Faye Nutrition sponsored gym and athletes
  • CLEAN Gym, all gear, mats and floors sanitized after EACH class NOT once daily or weekly
  • Safe, quality learning environment with some classes having up to 4 trainers on the floor or amongst our small class sizes
  • 4.5m, elevated ring
  • Professional, all new heavy duty equipment, protective gear and training equipment including Heavy bags, tear drop bags, wall mounts, kettlebells, slosh balls waterbags and vests, single and dual Torsonators, 35m ropes, climbing rope, speed ball and soon to accommodate a further 8x six foot heavy bags on a roller system

Surrounded by culture, authenticity, Team spirit and the warm Dynamite family second to none Dynamite Muay Thai ไดนาไมต์ Sor. Nak Dee is centrally located in the heart of the CBD on Level 1, 388 Bourke Street in between Elizabeth Street and Queen St above BUPA Optometry, close to busses, trains, trams, bike parking. Also secure public car park on Queens Street.

The Facility is just a body without the core of the organization: Our first rate instructors have continual learning from the motherland of Muay Thai and STE Skills Trade Exercises with South East Asian Army Elite Special Competitive teams to keep our knives sharp on all edges.

Besides the competitive aspect locally and abroad Dynamite has regular team outings such as training camps, paintball, rock climbing etc and invites short course, seminars, first aid training and fighter workshops within the club and internationally.

Dynamite Muay Thai ไดนาไมต์ Sor. Nak Dee bears with pride our mission and our motto “One Club, MANY STRENGTHS!”

Enough said, here is my electronic hand shake to welcome YOU for training!!


See you in the Gym & Chok Dee!

Kru Dynamite Dennis


Dynamite Muay Thai / Sor. Nak Dee ไดนาไมต์ศิลปะการต่อสู้



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