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Dynamite Muay Thai offers a variety of classes. These classes aim to facilitate you in achieving your own set goals in life. Whether it is simply improving your fitness, weight loss, or you just want to learn a particular martial art; Dynamite Muay Thai will assist you in getting there!


Getting started…



All classes are designed for participation and involvement from everyone whether you are a seasoned fighter to a fresh new student. We cater for both male and female.

Each class is run in a controlled environment with full guided instruction from 2, sometimes up to 4 dedicated qualified instructors at any single class and can be divided up from beginners to advance in the morning, lunch and after work hours. Duration of classes is between 1.5 -2.5 hours which are indicated on the timetable.

Lastly the classes numbers are limited to maximise your potential. For a dedicated class, private lessons are also available outside of class times by appointment.


Muay Thai


What is Muay Thai?

Renown as the ‘science of eight limbs” its core is deeply rooted to the Thai Culture and way of life. Loved by both Nobility and the common People it is the national sport of Thailand and has been used on the frontline to defend the King and nation of Siam (Thailand) for hundreds of years.

Muay Thai has strong emphasis on technique, accuracy perfection and FITNESS!!

Fun, fitness or competition all students are trained in Conditioning and Fitness regardless of age or experience. The method of training is padwork, correct technique execution, pad holding, conditioning, sparring and fitness drills.

“Muay Thai was the most practical, mechanically efficient art that I had ever done. This art pushed my boundaries, not only with peak physical fitness but the soft tissue conditioning, mental focus, discipline and every ounce of heart it requires from you” Khru Dennis.


Fighters Class & Invite Only Class

Forging both ring and traditional Thai Boxing, Dynamite Muay Thai Collaborate the teachings of Muay Chaiya and Muay Korat.

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What is Kickboxing (K1)?

Kickboxing (K1) comes from ‘Basically Modified Thai’ or Freestyle Karate rules and regulations that are stripped back to punches, kicks and knees without elbows and minus the clinch. Very popular form of fitness and fighting.

= ‘Fun, exciting and functional moves that is backed by speed and intensity endurance to build fitness, stamina and coordination. Synonymous for fast tracking fitness in short amount of time.’ =




What is Boxing?

Not your ‘Boxercise’ or Fitbox routines that you commonly find at the nearest gyms with every second person ditching the hand wraps for those “white glove inserts”.

Dynamite Boxing classes has a incredibly high cardio aspect though focus is more on the application of  executing correct technique, foot work amongst the fitness. Classes will incorporate a broad aspect, i.e. weight transfers, defensive drills, fitness drills, reaction, timing drills…etc.

The best sweat since rushing to get out of work on time for our classes!



What are kettlebells?

Invented in Russia and used for decades by strongmen, kettlebells offer users a wider range of motion than dumbbells that sit in the palm of the hand, and they also better imitate the way we carry things in our daily lives. kettlebells are rapidly becoming the latest exercise craze worldwide due to the dynamic movements involved, versatile workouts, and abundance of benefits.

What are the benefits in Kettlebell Training?

Improves posture

Better coordination, flexibility, endurance, power, weight-loss and agility

Increase practical strengths for everyday lifting

Protects athletes from injuries by strengthening support muscles

Time-efficient: sessions are less than 1 hour duration and provide a full body workout

Low risk of injuries when using proper form and weight

Why train Kettlebells with us?

Firstly, we have skilled instructors that are trained to provide high-quality lessons that are fun, exciting and results-oriented.

Our staff is experienced with tailoring the kettlebell workouts to your goals, whether you are an aspiring fighter, trying to lose weight, gain strength, or just want to mix up your workout; kettlebell will definitely get you to your goal one step closer.


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