What is Kickboxing (K1)?

Kickboxing (K1) comes from ‘Basically Modified Thai’ or Freestyle Karate rules and regulations that are stripped back to punches, kicks and knees without elbows and minus the clinch. Very popular form of fitness and fighting.
“Fun, exciting and functional moves that is backed by speed and intensity endurance to build fitness, stamina and coordination. Synonymous for fast tracking fitness in short amount of time.”


Dynamite Muay Thai has adopted more of a “Dutch Style” Kickboxing approach with high work rate and technical combinations.


Our adaptation has roots stemming from Western Boxing, Dutch Kickboxing influence of Footwork and timing and elements of Muay Thai stability, balance and fluidity.


The focus of this style is primarily on range, distance, timing, accuracy coupled with footwork and some inclusions of kick catches (non Kickboxing) and technical footwork sweeps.