Head Instructor – Kru Dennis Sor.Nak Dee (Kru Yai & Fight Coach)

                                                          (Muay Thai Specialist/ Boxing/ Kickboxing/ Kettlebell/ MMA)

(Muay Korat / Muay Chaya / Muay Khao styles)

Khru Dee aka “Dynamite Dennis Sor.Nak Dee”


2020 Team Australia WMO Junior/Senior Team Coach – World Muaythai Organisation

2020 Team Australia WAKO Junior Team Coach - World Association Kickboxing Organisation

2019  Team Australia WAKO Senior Team Coach - World Association Kickboxing Organisation

2019 Thaifight – Thaifight Organisation – Australia Thaifight Promoter

2019 Team Assassins Muay Thai (UK) Australian asst. trainer

2019 Crown Casino & Resorts Muay Thai and Muay Boran performer

2016 – 2017 NAKSOO FEMALE FIGHT TOUR – Australian CEO

2016 Nominated in TOP 10 Australian Muay Thai Trainers

2016 Promoter of Dynamite Naksoo Yokkao Muay Thai Female Fight Tour (Melbourne)

2015 Poromoter of NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT 3 Asia Fight Tour (Malaysia 2015)

2015 Coach of Australian Team “Zia” who was the winner of the only Gold first place in WMF World Championships for Australia

2015 Dynafight 1 – Fight team trials competition

2015 World All-stars Team Trainer for WMC world title fights:

Asst. Trainer and corner for Team Thailand – Team Thailand Vs Team Philipines – 68Kg WMC World title: Sabah, Malaysia

Asst. Trainer and corner for Team Indonesia – Team Indonesia Vs Team Borneo Malaysia 65Kg D1 National title

Asst. Trainer and corner for Team Kedah – Team Malaysia (Kedah) Vs Team Singapore 55Kg WMC Intercontinental Title

Asst. Trainer and corner for Team Thailand – Team Thailand Vs Team France 68Kg WMC Wold title defence

Asst. Trainer and corner for Team Sabah – Team Malaysia Sabah Vs Team Malaysia Kuala Lumpur WMC National title

Asst. Trainer and corner for Team Italia – Team Italy Vs Team Ukraine 53Kg Female WMC World title

Asst. Trainer and corner for Team Philippines – Team Philippines Vs Team Malaysia Kuala Lumpur WMC National title

2015 NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT – Malaysian Promoter

2015 Promoter of International Professional Muay Thai event:

NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT – Road to Victory 2 – Jakarta, Indonesia

2014 Promoter of International Professional Muay Thai event:

N1 NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT – Celebrating King’s Birthday



2014 International Promoter World Professional Muaythai Federation Indonesian Promoter (W.P.M.F)

2014 Registered Muay Thai Professional Indonesia (M.P.I) International Muay Thai Promoter.

2014 Muay Thai Professional Indonesia Honorary Official Muay Thai Judge and Referee.

Registered Kru Level Instructor with W.M.C, W.K.N S.E.A.N, MTKB IND.

2013 World Muay Thai Federation Thailand (W.M.F)- Representative of Victoria, Australia.

2013 World Muay Thai Federation PRO Thailand (W.M.F PRO) – Representative of Victoria, Australia.

2013 World Professional Muaythai Federation (W.P.M.F) – Head of Victoria, Australia

2013 Australian Muay Thai League A.M.L – Head of Victoria, Australia

2013 Muay Thai International Association Thailand (M.T.I.A) – Australian Representative

2013 A.M.L Licensed Victorian Promoter of Professional and Amateur Fight events

2013 Muay Thai International Association Thailand (M.T.I.A) - Licensed Promoter of Professional and Amateur Fight events

All Nations S.E.A.N Feather Weight Title –via TKO

  2011 War of the Worlds Team Winner MTPL (Muay Thai Professioinal League)

  7x Australian Team Representative Muay Thai, Karate & Kickboxing

   -75 KG Contender

  -72 KG Champion IKF, IKN

-61 KG Champion

3x Indonesian Team Representative Muay Thai & Kick Boxing

3x Army Special Representative

Multiple Defence Special Representitive of the Army Elite Fight Team (D.S.D)

2x Army Special – Open & Single Stick winner

5x Consecutive Junior Champion AKF, IKF, WKF

-Under 15 Champion AKF, IKF

-Under 14 Champion (Undefeated) AKF, IKF

-Under 12 Champion IKF

-Under 11 Champion (Undefeated) AKF

-Under 10 Champion (Undefeated) AKF

Fought in Kilograms at:

79 KG, 75 KG, 72 KG, 61 KG, 53KG (Current)

Juniors 45 KG, 32 KG, 28KG

-Multiple Junior Kickboxing Gold Medalist

-Multiple Junior Karate Gold Medalist

WAKO Team Australia Senior team and coaches – World Championships – Sarajevo, BOSNIA

(Dynamite Muay Thai’s Kru Dennis – front row, left)





TV ONE, ONE Pride 5x Champion Bro Wardi


Registered Kru Instructor and Dynamite MT gym member of sanctioning Bodies

* WMF World Muay Thai Federation

* WMF PRO World Muay Thai Federation PRO

* AML Australian Muay Thai League

* MTIA Muay Thai International Association Thailand

* WMC World Muay Thai Council

* IFMA International Federation Muay Thai Amateur

* MTA Muay Thai Australia

* WKN SEAN World Kickboxing Network – Special Force Elite Army Network

2013 Co-Promoter of WMF, WMF PRO, WPMF, AML – Victorian Professional & Amateur

2013 Promoter Licensed promoter for MTIA

2011 Registered Fight trainer and Cornerman:

*Victorian Combat Sports

*Victorian Professioinal Boxing Board


Manager of Tony Jaa, Mr Prachaa Pinkeaw the famous movie producer of Ong Bak, Chocolate


2013 Rank of: Gold 4 Kru level

2013 Certified and Registered Australian National Judge and referee of:


Combat Muay Thai of the Armed Forces Special Detachment

Rank of Kru Black / Silver Praciat Senior Khru “07”

Rank of Kru Black / Yellow Praciat  (Khru)“05”

Rank of Kru Black / Red Praciat (Senior Instructor) “03”

Rank of Kru Black Praciat “99” (Cadet)






Former Team Leader (Army SF)

-          G81 Qualified

-          PK 88 Qualified

-          Marksman Qualified

-          Former Armed Escort (Private Contractor)

-          Experienced PSD

-          Executive Protection Specialist

-           V.V.I.P & High Value Logistics Escort




Close Quarter STE (Skills Trade Exercise) with German GSG-9 Special Grup, Poland’s Polizei RR, BRIMOB Elite Police Detachment. Unarmed/Disarm classes for Australian Federal Police and Australian Customs and Border Protection




About Me (Childhood)

My training unofficially started at age 6, which is very common in Asia to start young. Especially with gambling as they believed you had less possibility of sustaining any real damage.. The journey began with a “home school version” of  mixed martial arts (Not to be aligned with what we now know as MMA) it was more about whatever works mixed with Karate discipline alongside all the uncles.

I was underweight, living in a rough neighbourhood and I was consider in Asia by other kids, in loose translation as a “pale skin” so my mother made me train combat sport for discipline and most importantly self defence. I trained 6 or 7 days in my youth before and after school as well. Training and competition wasn’t getting trophies and medals. It was about money. Sad to say there were a lot of shady people around me that I never told my mother about. But the shadier they were the the more respect they had fro me and making sure I was respectful.


The gym I trained at had no fancy equipment, no TVs or music playing. My gym had no name. It was a retreat from the world that was built by a community of uncles who were passionate about gambling. They would gamble on their fights.The gym was a home gym with makeshift weights out of tins filled with cement, car seatbelts with bags hanging from the ceiling and an assortment of cool home made equipment and training tools.

This for me was the birth place of responsibility. I was responsible for training how the adults trained, I was responsible to be accountable for making sure I had no excuses because as a kid it was easy to slip up but it was even easier to not go. Right up through to my teen years I had been trained that way.


At age seven I was put into competition. I thought that I hadn’t even had formal training like the other kids. I didn’t even have a uniform. But after the first few fights starting slow from my end the first thing I realised was I wasn’t hurt. It didn’t hurt like back at the garage. By the end of the first few fights I was successful at making the other kids cry and so I would go on to win at the market fights. When we officially registered in Karate and kickboxing tournaments I would come to realise these fights are all won and lost in the head. I would make them miss me by misjudgement of range and then I beat all the other top tier kids with mental strength. I won my first under 10s open belt division at the age of seven.


The years following I became very enthusiastic in training  At 12 years of age I was approached and taken in by a local Fight gear shop who gave me financial backing and Muay Thai training. I quickly embraced my new fight game, adjusted to this redirection in sport that forged the path to Muay Thai.

Moving to Australia, here I decided to broaden my horizons into other combative arts most days 4-5 hours a day in Muay Thai as my core martial art and cross training in Boxing, Kickboxing, Silat, Stick fighting, Xan Da, BJJ as well as competitive school sports like soccer, volleyball and football. After high school I went back overseas where I discovered CQC (derived from M.C.M.A.P) and learnt how to fight in awkward places with little to no room.


“Muay Thai was the most practical, mechanically efficient art that I had ever done. This art pushed my boundaries, not only with the soft tissue conditioning but with the mental focus, discipline and every ounce of heart it requires from you”  


About Me (Current)

As I got older responsibilities and accountability shifted towards running Dynamite Muay Thai as a competitive Muay Thai gym and boosting Sor. Nak Dee 9, the fighting arm of the gym. I did a lot of Private Security Detail (PSD) short haul contract work and body guarding.


As of 2011 I have taken a step back to feed my energy into providing people with the opportunity to train and accomplish objectives and challenge their themselves as well as their ultimate fitness goals for a rewarding lifestyle change. If I can do it, lets find a way to make it easier.


People say to me “Train like a Thai to fight like a Thai,” but I think it depends on a lot of other factors too.. I prefer to  “Train like you’ll die today so you can survive tomorrow!” Its preference and for now my preference is for you join me and see what I guarantee will make you rethink how you’re living :)


Other Achievments

Captain of High school Volley ball team

Musashi Under 16 junior Power Press Comp winner

School boys Rugby under 16-Wing position

Vice Captain First Division Soccer under 14 – Centre Midfield

Junior Brisbane State Representative Soccer – Goal Keeper

Reserve Runner for Metropolitan South 100m sprint, 200m and 400m relay