What is Boxing? (Known as the sweet Science)

Not your ‘Boxercise’ or Fitbox routines that you commonly find at the nearest gyms with every second person ditching the hand wraps for those “white glove inserts”.


This is real Boxing focusing on executing correct techniques involved in pad work, bag work, foot work as well as some fun partner work while working on your fitness.


“You WILL actually learn real Boxing while burning those calories.” (Anonymous member)


On the technical side, classes will incorporate a broad aspect, i.e. weight transfers, defensive drills, fitness drills, reaction drills, attack/counter and positioning drills.


Lastly, we want YOU to be beating your old self and not beat yourself old.. Take a minute to actually put the lessons to work and you will improve each class not to mention save yourself from preventable common injuries from Boxercise taught by “instructors who have never stepped into the ring..


Ask yourself..


“Would you learn how to deep sea dive from someone who has never experienced more than a 2 day/4 hour dive course who may not have ever tested their own abilities?” 


Then why would you pay to learn Boxing “just for fitness” from a ”Qualified Trainer” who has never been tested nor stepped into a ring to see if they even understand the mechanics of Boxing..?