Muay Thai

What is Muay Thai?

Renown as the ‘science of eight limbs” its core is deeply rooted to the Thai Culture and way of life. Loved by both Nobility and the common People it is the national sport of Thailand and has been used on the frontline to defend the King and nation of Siam (Thailand) for hundreds of years.


Muay Thai has strong emphasis on technique, accuracy perfection and FITNESS!!


Fun, fitness or competition all students are trained in Conditioning and Fitness regardless of age or experience. The method of training is padwork, correct technique execution, pad holding, conditioning, sparring and fitness drills.


“Muay Thai was the most practical, mechanically efficient art that I had ever done. This art pushed my boundaries, not only with peak physical fitness but the soft tissue conditioning, mental focus, discipline and every ounce of heart it requires from you” Kru Dennis.





Fighters Class & Invite Only Class


Forging both ring and traditional Thai Boxing, Dynamite Muay Thai Collaborate the teachings of Muay Chaiya and Muay Korat.


Muay Chaiya: Muay Thai arts of the south, approximately 250 years old, a hybrid style which can be identified by Muay thai Masters as a mixture of Chaiya style, Muay Paak Klang aka Bangkok style and Muay Lopburi Ancient style from the times of Ayuthaya.


The stance adopted is very low almost like hunting. Fast footwork, positioning of the body is squared to act as a shield and the ability to fight either southpaw or orthodox.


The main distinguishing features of this style is the use of “Bent Attacks”, the bent legged and Slingshot Kicks as these are more difficult to predict and some kicks still pass through checks. This style is a more knee, elbow, bent strike style.


Muay Korat: Muay Thai of the East, believed to be more than a thousand years old. Known by Thais as the art of the “ghost step”. Used in battle, the invaders of Siam reported to their superiors of being struck by their own attacks.


This style is passive aggressive, with simultaneous block and strike and attacker joint destruction tactics. Many closely guarded secrets prevent outside and foreign replication of these teachings to be used for non-military unarmed combat purpose.


This style still follows the ancient code:


Respect to your seniors, your teachers complete trust, and to never fight against your team, teachers or use show of force in your absence of mind in the arts simulation training atmosphere (translated – aka your training, gym etc)

(Only the Fighters “Invite Only Nak Muay” are trained in the destructions, ligament manipulations and fatal strikes)