The Facilities

Dynamite Muay Thai Head Quarters - Level 1, 388 Bourke Street MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA 3000

(Team Sor. Nak Dee)


Fully matted training area for classes

4×4 Elevated ring

Multiple 6ft Heavy Kick Bags

Multiple 4ft Heavy extra firm TWINS SPECIAL Bags (filled Thai style)

Extra hard conditioning sand filled TWINS SPECIAL tear drop bags

Extra heavy duty wall mounts

Hard 6ft King Professional Sand bag

5ft Hard conditioning (50% sand) bag

Assorted Kettlebells from 8Kg – 32Kg

Assorted water bags, Slosh balls, Torsonators and industry related training aids for fitness as well as fight conditioning tools

Professional grade Thai pads, equipment and Iron edge equipment

Gloves, wraps and shin pads available in case you don’t have any

Male, Female Change rooms, unisex toilets, 3x Private Showers

4 Person state of the art Infra-red Sauna for Relaxation, detox and weight cut

Cardio equipment for weight cut


C4 Australia – Muay Thai Fight shop (Located in Dynamite HQ)


Fully equipped professional competition grade  fight gear for training, fighting and fitness available for everyday use and the likes of the rigours of fight camp leading up to competition.


C4 Australia virtually hand picks all their equipment and handles the specifications often acquiring one off pieces available for purchase with only the brands that make the cut amongst the elite gyms and stadiums across Thailand right to you here in Australia.


We use inside information from the suppliers on what works and what is sometimes just supplementary stock while they’re on Leather shortage.


We GUARANTEE all our stock is genuine as we supply ONLY originals, no dodgy fakes (including the good fakes) that flood the market, internet or sold as seconds that you may find when you buy from unreliable sources here and from abroad while paying top dollar. We utilise our reliable extensive network through trusted sources to stock the range of brands that can be hard to source from Thailand including  items that may be difficult to import back to Australia.


FYI As of the late second half of 2015 Thailand has gone through an enormous order for equipment from China through all the major brands meaning there is, and will be for some time a leather and equipment shortage due to meet these demands. A lot of brands have either depleted there factories to critical shortage and sourcing materials from Pakistan and surrounds while others slow down the manufacturing of their production line. At C4 Australia we know this because this is what makes us the best at what we source. With the experience in the know where else would you find this information let alone could you tell what you’re really paying for.


We sell long lasting, quality and hard to get as well as made to order custom gear to the individual as well as wholesale custom gear for gyms and fitness centres including but not limited to; gloves, wraps, heavy duty protective gear for members, fighters, trainers and commercial gyms, apparel, for gym owners, sporting teams why not customize your uniforms etc all professional grade leading brand equipment made to order.




Dynamite NAKSOO Muaythai Fight Promotions – International Head Quarters (Located in Dynamite HQ)



Dynamite Fitness Express (Dynamite CBD2 Corporate Health) – Opening soon)



Dynamite Muay Thai JB – JOHOR BARU, MALAYSIA (Opening early March 2017)