What are kettlebells?

Invented in Russia and used for decades by strongmen, kettlebells offer users a wider range of motion than dumbells that sit in the palm of the hand, and they also better imitate the way we carry things in our daily lives. kettlebells are rapidly becoming the latest exercise craze worldwide due to the dynamic movements involved, versatile workouts, and abundance of benefits.

What are the benefits in Kettlebell Training?


– Improves posture
– Better coordination, flexibility, endurance, power, weight-loss and agility
– Increase practical strengths for everyday lifting
– Protects athletes from injuries by strengthening support muscles
– Time-efficient: sessions are less than 1 hour duration and provide a full body workout
 - Low risk of injuries when using proper form and weight

Why train Kettlebells with us?

Firstly, we have skilled instructors that are trained to provide high-quality lessons that are fun, exciting and results-oriented.

Our staff are experienced with tailoring the kettlebell workouts to your goals, whether you are an aspiring fighter, trying to lose weight, gain strength, or just want to mix up your workout; kettlebell will definitely get you to your goal one step closer.