Have a Question? See if these helps!

Q: I’ve never put on a pair of gloves…
A: No problem! We have a pair waiting for YOU! Come in early to fill out your details on a trial form and the instructor will guide you through and help you get started!

Q: Should I get my own pair of gloves?
A: We do encourage you to get your own! Not only is it more hygenic, but it’s more convenient for you when you do training at your own time. At Dynamite Muay Thai, we support Fairtex gear and equipment, as they have guaranteed quality equipment. So no stress for you to go out searching for decent gloves on your own!

Q: I have no equipment…
A: No problem!! We will supply you with all the necessary training equipment.

Q: I don’t want to get injured… Is it safe?
A: Absolutely! Safety is paramount. After you have completed your Health Check Questionnaire and have been assessed as OK, standard training 12 oz gloves will be provided for use in the classes to start you off although you will be required to purchase your own shin pads. Eventually other protective equipment as you progress down the track at this stage it is best to organise purchasing your own gloves for the classes, no. 1 reason hygiene; no. 2 they will eventually mould and fit better to you hands (with use and time). Nothing like having your own gear that you can take home and maintain.

Q: Not feeling fit enough? Don’t want to feel like I’m slowing the class down…
A: Not a Problem!! Ask youself… How can a swimmer get functional fitness i.e. better, faster endurance when he/ she isn’t in the pool swimming, battling it out making waves?
Going for runs won’t improve your kettlebell class or your ability to last the rounds on pads. Fighting fitness is the ultimate in fitness. Whether your plan is to huff and puff or wing kettlebells to get fit you can only guarantee your results if you are amongst the grit working out to get fit.

Q: I don’t want to be a fighter! I’m after a high intensity workout!
A: Great! No need to be a fighter, we encourage you to get fine tuned in your fitness regime, get fit like a fighter, look good, feel great! Our goal is to help kickstart your beach body and smash your fitness goals.

Q: What do I need to get or bring to get started?
A: Step 1 – Call 0433-568-256 make a booking for a trial class.
Step 2 – Bring yourself, ID, Drivers Licence and drink bottle (and towel if you want :) )
Step 3 – Arrive 10 – 15 mins early, fill in your trial form.
!!! Join class!!!!

Welcome aboard! Here is my official paper HANDSHAKE :) !!!