Pandemonium – ACT

What a war it was with State Vs State on the ACT fight show ‘Pandemonium’ under Pretty boy Reid Promotions.





The showdown of local and interstate bouts had local ACT gyms Vs local gyms with the main card hosting inner Melbourne CBD, Victorian Thai boxing gym, Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee pitted against two local favourites.






Victoria vs Canberra in the women’s 63kg division had ‘Scary’ Teri Sor. Nak Dee coming off three recent wins one being an amateur VABL Boxing debut fight win on 3 days notice.  Just 5 days prior to the Pandemonium show at a higher weight category Teri filled in a last minute drop out for the Boxing promoter and a WAKO State K1 title back in February.






“I’m extremely proud of ‘Scary’ and her ability of being so versatile in her fight game, not only being able to switch between striking codes but the confidence I have in her ability to be continually be 90% fight ready and take on short notice fights.”






“We also took this fight on short notice against a very, very tough and well trained local favourite trained by my friend in Canberra, Coach Gaz Rees. He has sent a few of his fighters to come and train alongside Dynamite Muay Thai while in Melbourne so it was great to see some things they may have picked up, used on our guys. overall, Great Fight from the girls!” - (Dynamite Muay Thai/Sor. Nak Dee Head Coach)







Part of the ‘Pandemonium Promotions’ main card had Victorian fighter Schweitzer ‘The Smack’ Sor. Nak Dee of Victoria’s Dynamite Muay Thai pick a name out of a hat for the draw of the State Vs State 4Man Eliminator.






Schweitzer Sor. Nak Dee pulled out local favourite and training mate Ben from Canberra based in Chopper MT. The draw concluded with Victoria facing home team Australian Capital Territory and Queensland facing off against New South Wales.





Dynamite Muay Thai Fighter Schweitzer Sor. Nak Dee had taken the fight short notice and even agreed with a 4Man Eliminator after coming off a five year hiatus. 






“Hats off to Schweitzer on his return to the ring after so many years. It was good to have one of my original guys back in training and then back in the ring so soon and exchanging leather with ACT’s finest.”







Unfortunately we didn’t come away with the wins this weekend. I think it was good to take away some lessons after having the team on such a long winning streak since the beginning of this busy year and it’s still only the first four and a half months of 2019. Very Proud of my new up and comers!” – Kru Dennis. (Dynamite Muay Thai/Sor. Nak Dee Head Coach)





Pictures coming soon.. Stay tuned.



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