Prepping for the World Stage

Day Three; Dynamite Muay Thai Fighter, Team Australia Fighter and all round talented athlete Zia Seua Sor. Nak Dee 9 has commenced final preparation and weight cutting ahead of the weigh-in next week for the World Muaythai Organisation’s World Martial Arts Games.







Zia will be representing not just Dynamite Muay Thai and her comrades of Sor. Nak Dee 9, she is representing on the world stage what Muay Thai of Melbourne looks like under the national team banner, WMO Team Australia.



Zia is not new to fighting under such pressure and prestige. Zia is also a current, active fighting member of the WAKO Team Australia senior team. Previously the winner of NAKSOO MUAYTHAI – Asia Fight Tour female 4 women eliminator to represent Australia in Malaysia and then onto to win that eliminator.





Zia then being invited by the Indonesian armed forces (TNI) Ret.General to fight in the prestigious ASIAN Muay Federation ‘President’s World Championship’ in Jakarta, INDONESIA that same year. Zia went on to winning all her 48kg division tournaments under Team Australia. With no losses in all her international appearances prior to the WAKO World Championships – Bosnia, where she was met first round with a very experienced world champion who would later win the tournament.





Under Dynamite Muay Thai’s training, and the tutelage and guidance from Kru Dennis, Zia has had a steady fight career still in its infancy, spanning on and off for only four years competing in Muay Thai, and now K1 rules.




When Zia has a moment, preferably after this week of fights we will catch up with her for a few words regarding the “Dynamite Fight Life.”







“Zia is not always trying to make herself heard or making herself stand out. In fact she is the opposite. Personally I’ve come across it all and the most important thing is she’s always there! She is the first to arrive, the last to leave, she is definitely always the hungriest, hardest worker and the most generous helper with her time. When someone is in fight camp, the weeks, the days, the seconds are crucial. To still put her gym, her teammates and her trainers above herself is not a common trait. This level of awareness has to be disciplined in.” – Kru Dennis – Dynamite Head Coach.









“You see with Zia, she already had that trait, which is not something you find in a lot of fighters. Fighters are hungry and it’s quite easy to forget about everyone around you if you’re the only one in your gym fighting. I am fortunate to have a gym full of fighters which are separated into a tier system but train together as one. Not all started with Zia’s traits haha but the majority understand the culture of Dynamite Muay Thai and it’s the reason we do so well.” - Kru Dennis – Dynamite Head Coach.







Let’s send our Dynamite fighter all the positive vibes and wish both Zia, Kru Dennis and Team Australia success for this next fight and then a speedy recover and regroup for the followingt fight in Amsterdam in just over ten days.





 Stay Tuned for the first draw of Zia’s division…






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