Female Muay Thai Fighter

Fighter Call Out for Dynamite Naksoo Female Fight Tour

Just over 5 weeks to go until the next instalment of Dynamite Muay Thai’s Professional Muay Thai event to showcase not just to Australia but to the world, the heart and the grit it takes to be a professional Muay Thai fighter on the second instalment of Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight.





The fifth instalment of Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight will be the second time on Australian soil and will be Australia’s answer to an all female fight card featuring fighters from coast to coast, Australia wide.


For more information or to register a female fighter please send fighter’s stats and records with all relevant information to dennis@dynamitemuaythai.com or private message to facebook page Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight.


let the games begin!


Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight – Female Fight Tour is Proudly sponsored by JPS Coatings, Evelyn Faye Nutrition Australia, Boxxtomoi, Dynamite Muay Thai Australia, IBC, Bolo Fightwear, Innerverse, Chill Bro Paletas, I Love Pho, NRF Nationally Registered Fighters Australia, Muaythai Australia, World Muaythai Council

Another convincing win for Dynamite

After another convincing victory at the Geelong Muay Thai event Prestige Fight Series 4 over the weekend, Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee Head Coach Kru Dennis Sor. Nak Dee is proud to say that with the work ethics of all his fighters, team members and trainers the most important element besides belief in the fighters’ individual abilities was the pure team work involved in making the Melbourne CBD based gym successful with so many fights coming up and so many up and comers filling the ranks and stepping up to professional level of Australian premium Muay Thai competition.





 Australian Muay Thai Gym (based in Melbourne) Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee




Teamwork makes the dream work was element that stands out about Dynamite Muay Thai, this inner city fight gym tucked away on Bourke Street.





From Left to Right Jimmy Sor. Nak Dee, Coach Lily Sor. Nak Dee, Nat ‘The Texas Rattlesnake Sor. Nak Dee and Kru Dennis Sor. Nak Dee





The coming weeks will see Dynafite 3.3 an in-house competition and team selection process for up and comers to commence serious training and to give opportunity for internally judged competition as experienced for the ring under the big lights :)

Like a BOSS!

Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee’s, Zia Sor. Nak Dee walked out, went under the ropes and performed the Dynamite Sor. Nak Dee Fight Family Wai Kru Ram Muay to pay respects and to set the scene for what could be fight of the night by many. Zia come away too technical, too strong and too hungry to take the fight out of her opponent.



Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee Fighter Zia Seua (pictured left with arm raised)  representing Melbourne CBD winning via all judges scoring Unanimous Points Decision


Zia came off with a strong convincing victory over three rounds of concise Muay Chess. Zia started strong with technical sweeps and lots of elbows.



 Steeped in tradition authenticity Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee fighter Zia having the scared Mongkok (Muay Thai Head dress) placed on by Kru Dennis after entering under the ropes. Zia Sor. Nak Dee will perform a ritual Muay Thai dance (Wai Kru Ram Muay) paying respects prior to going to war with her opponent




Strong all round fight game from Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee Fighter Zia with a barrage of combinations, sweeps, dumps, plenty of clinching and elbows



Playing the Muay Thai kicking game in round 3


Waiting for the footage still but great technical display of clinching, elbows, sweeps, dumps and footwork for a UPD Unanimous Points Decision win from all three judges.






Zia Sor. Nak Dee is prepping for a fight in Malaysia on the 12th of March but still at the confirmation stage of negotiations.