Australian National Muay Thai Championships

Podium Finish for Dynamite Muay Thai/Team VIC

After a great preparation and weight cut the weekend finished with Melbourne’s Dynamite Muay Thai Fighter, Wayne Sor. Nak Dee securing a podium finish for Team Victoria’s adult male 57kg division at the IFMA Australian National championships.



Wayne got off to a great start securing his wins to place 2nd over all behind Western Australia’s first place. It was a very close decision and both coaches agreed it could have gone either way for the decision.




Team Muay Thai Victoria places 2nd after a long weekend of fights at the IFMA Australian National Muay Thai Championships (Dynamite Muay Thai Fighter Wayne Sor. Nak Dee far left)




Both fighters, each managing to score a 10-8 round for knockdowns. first, late in round one for the Queensland team knocking Wayne with an overhand right and then followed by a knockdown for the Victorian team once, early in round three with Wayne landing a devastating left knee and further securing that round with a switch kick to knockdown his opponent. Unfortunately  the decider was given to the Queensland team.



Unfazed by the results, the Dynamite Muay Thai fighter earned invaluable experience and will again go immediately back in to the weight cutting phase when he arrives back to Melbourne to do final preparation ahead of next weeks fight scheduled in Canberra.



 Kru Dennis and Wayne Sor. Nak Dee of Melbourne’s Dynamite Muay Thai taking the podium for Team Muay Thai Victoria at the IFMA Australian Muay Thai Championships securing second place for the adult male Professional Amateur division 




Congratulations Wayne on placing Second over all in the IFMA 57kg professional amateur Australian National Championships!



STAY TUNED for the results later today with both Bree Sor. Nak Dee to complete her final fight for first and second place in her Amateur and Professional Amateur junior divisions and Zia to complete her final fight for the adult female professional division.




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