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4 for 4 wins for Dynamite Muay Thai

Melbourne CBD Dynamite Muay Thai gets 4 for 4!! Part 3





 Dynamite Muay Thai Fighter Jimmy “The After Party” Sor. Nak Dee walking out to his first Main Event fight at Rebllion Roots Muay Thai




Melbourne CBD based Dynamite Muay Thai gets 4 for 4 wins over the weekend with third fighter of the day Jimmy “The After Party”  Sor. Nak Dee securing the third convincing victory for Dynamite with a unanimous win over a tough opponent Rishi from another well reputed Muay Thai gym, this time being Ballarat.





  Dynamite Muay Thai Fighter Jimmy “The After Party” Sor. Nak Dee walking up the ropes at Rebellion Roots Muay Thai





   Dynamite Muay Thai Fighter Jimmy “The After Party” Sor. Nak Dee sealing the ring at Rebellion Roots Muay Thai




Dynamite Muay Thai Fighter Jimmy fought a well prepared opponent who came in hard without a  feeling out period looking for a quick knock out.





   Jimmy “The After Party” Sor. Nak Dee unloading pain at Rebellion Roots Muay Thai




Jimmy managed to drop his opponent twice in the first round. One in the first 30 seconds of the opening round with a huge cross to the face but unfortunately the referee didn’t give his opponent a count rather instructing him to get back on his feet and brush off his gloves and the second knock down was about a minute in with a barrage of combos to Rishi’s face.








By round 3 Jimmy had out powered, out manoeuvred and out scored his opponent winning both the first 2 rounds in his favour when Jimmy landed punishing knees getting Rishi into an 8 count before landing a textbook spinning upward elbow onto the jaw of Rishi followed by catching and sweeping Rishi again to the canvass just before the bell to signify the end of the match














Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee fighter Jimmy “The After Party” Sor. Nak Dee securing his first Main event win for his professional Muay Thai career on Rebellion Roots 4






   Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee executing one of 2 knock down crosses at Rebellion Roots Muay Thai




Congratulations to Rishi and his team for a hard fight!  Congratulations to Dynamite Muay Thai Fighter Jimmy for taking sealing the deal with three wins for the Sor. Nak Dee fight family on Rebellion Roots Muay Thai 4





 Winners are grinners! Especially when you’re the main event




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