Muay Thai Jakarta

And That’s a wrap for Dynamite NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT 2 – Road to Victory

What a massive lead up and finale for the Dynamite NAKSOO Promotions second event in Jakarta, Indonesia. It started with a few minor sanctioning hiccups but eventually with all the fumbles on the Indonesian Muay Thai Sanctioning body NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT Series manage to retain its name and reputation as one of Asia’s premium Muay Thai events outside of Thailand.



Post event Promoter Kru Dennis expressed this to the local media press conference when asked about the behind the scenes hiccups. This what Kru Dennis had to say;



“Look I am not sure what the politics within the Indonesian professional Muay Thai sanctioning body is all about, but we Dynamite Muay Thai and Dynamite Promotions event Dynamite NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT Series are definitely not involved and nor are we interested in the matter. We are purely in Jakarta, Indonesia to promote the art, culture and respect of Muay Thai to the world starting with Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and then back to Australia, our origin. Regarding all the politics right now, all I can say is thanks to the “respectable” chain of command within the professional Indonesian board of Muay Thai two weeks out from the event we suffered a major blow by the ban imposed only on NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT FOR Indonesia’s first 8 man super fight and 4 women elimination fight BANNING ALL FOREIGN fighters competing in the Professional Indonesian Muay Thai tournaments.” “That being said the same organisation spearheading this ban is the sanctioning body who approved our friends Siam Super Fight to host an international tournament. The same department who with 3 days out from the event finally approved the event.” Kru Dennis (Promoter NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT Australia)


Here is a snippet from the national media interviewing the winning Australians

Pictured clockwise being interviewed by National sports channel MNC from top left: Sor. Nak Dee Team Australia

Claire “Fury” Sor. Nak Dee, Tali Sor. Nak Dee, Zia Sor. Nak Dee, Mas Dodie Karya (Kru Dennis’ Assistant international Sor. Nak Dee Coach), Eric Nataputra (Kru Dennis’ Assistant International Sor. Nak Dee Coach)


On a good note we were able to secure three fights for three wins for Australia and all via TKO Technical Knock Out – Referee stoppage.

NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT Media and press conference 2015

Weigh-in Complete now to refuel, but first Promoter Kru Dennis and the Aussies had to pose for the ongoing cameras and national media coverage of the press conference as the premier event will be streamed nationally and showcased in the state and national news papers and TV channels.

Waiting on some official pics from the NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT media teams as well as the TV and news papers but here is a sneak peak :)

Promoter Kru Dennis pictured third from right

Team Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee (Australia) getting a bit of air time of National Indonesian radio as the news paper journalists take careful notes looking on ( Claire pictured with microphone)

Naksoo Fighter and Show Prep

After concluding the final 4 of the NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT Road to Glory 2 Jakarta International selection Zia Sor. Nak Dee sets off to acclimatise with Kru Dennis in the intense Indonesian Summer heat. At 36 degrees before 10am. Kru Dennis felt the necessity for his team to commence pre-fight acclimatising 5-7 days out from the event. Doing so will prevent the Dynamite Sor. Nak Dee fight team from potential heat exhaustion and stamina loss during the final weight cut and fight prep stages.

Here Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee Fighter Zia has just completed 2 hours of drills, 7 Rounds of Clinch and 10 rounds hard pads whilst braving the temperature difference.

“15 hours ago Zia and I were in 6 degree rainy cold weather, suddenly we were on a plane, checked in at the hotel and now training at one of our Indonesian sister gyms Garuda Muay Thai in Jakarta in scorching 36 degrees at 11pm training like maniacs, fight life, ha ha ha, look at the ground in the gym, the whole 1st floor is drenched in our sweat puddles and we’ve been having to move spots every 2-3 minutes just to be able to train away from the puddles. the locals are laughing so hard because they’ve never seen so much sweat on the mats and in and around the ring” Kru Dennis Sor. Nak Dee.

Just waiting now on Claire and Tali to arrive who are currently back in Melbourne, Australia about to board the plane to Jakarta, Indonesia in the coming early hours Melbourne time.

Naksoo proudly sponsoring International event

When Kru Dennis and Coach Lily endeavoured to create a concept to unify Muay Thai through events, education and exposure, neither would have known what could come about within 5 months.

After the success of the Melbourne based, Australian Promotion working in co-operation with leading Victorian Promoter to showcase fight event “Stand and Deliver” the neccessity to follow up with a greater scale event was answered internationally with Kru Dennis and Coach Lily’s NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT as the first event instalment as well as event sponsorship.

In February 2015 Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee under the international banner NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT aligned with local fight Promoter and Fight gym Zealot Muay Thai to showcase Muay Thai Talent on their existing Muay Thai Event “Road to Victory..”

The date of 14th of February 2015 will mark the first Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee / NAKSOO MUAY THAI FIGHT sponsored Thaiboxing event in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Be sure to check out this event if you are in the country.

Pictured here International promoter Kru Dennis with Dynamite Naksoo Indonesia Febby and Johan at Road to Victory Muay Thai Fight

First International fight for Dynamite

Melbourne CBD based gym Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee has been invited to compete in professional Amateur International Muay Thai competition in the Republic of Indonesia at the 2nd annual Vida Fight titled Vida Muay Thai V SERIES – Journey.

The Professional Amateur competition will be held in Tangerang, Jakarta, Indonesia and will see the selected Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee pro-am fighters head off to represent not just Dyanamite Sor. Nak Dee but Australia as the team will face off against one local Indonesian team and two Singaporean teams.