Team Australia Coach

Team Australia has landed in Thailand!

Team Australia has landed, and are in preparation for the World Muaythai Organisation’s 5th World Martial Arts Championship Games set in Pattaya, THAILAND. Featuring hundreds of athletes and national teams coming from around the world to partake in Muay Thai and all things Muay Thai related.



Team Australia headed by Australian WMO President Mr Ravhinder will compete on the world stage in Muay Thai, K1 rules, Muay Boran and Sanda Kickboxing.


In preparation for the games 5 coaches will manage, train and watch over 62 athletes of  Team Australia’s combined junior and senior teams to commence 8th until the 17th of March 2020. 



Dynamite Muay Thai’s Head Coach, Kru Dennis, has been selected as one of the five Team Australia coaching staff to assist in coaching, cornering and mentoring the athletes chasing gold.






“Its a pleasure to be part of something bigger, it always is. The Australian team has a large squad so I can imagine there will be a lot of running between rings and micromanaging of teams of fighters.” Kru Dennis – Dynamite Muay Thai





We were able to video conference a few quick questions…



Admin: How did you get involved with Coaching and getting to be part of Team Australia for WMO?



Kru Dennis: “Well funny thing is that I was actually in Europe, Bosnia to be exact during the middle of a world championship event week with another well established international organisation. The WAKO World championships were on and I was a coach for our National sporting team, the WAKO Team Australia Kickboxing. So I was looking after an athlete who was also fighting for this event and he put my name and my Dynamite Muay Thai fighter’s name through to the Australian president of the organisation. The next day I was asked to call Mr Ravhinder but because I was overseas I message the president and the following day I received a message to say both my fighter Zia and I, had been selected for Team Australia for Muay Thai in March. Zia would represent 48kg and I would be an official Team Australia WMO trainer. I was super excited!  Double excited though because Zia also made the team.”



Admin: The question is… So how do you fit this into your schedule if you’re renown for being busy?



Kru Dennis:“Haha. Busy? Where do I start? Haha.” “From the time since I had received notification of selection, which was back in end of September 2019 until now it has definitely not slowed down. Not even over Christmas and New Year.” “We have been consistently fighting each weekend or away for work since.” 





Admin: What happens to fights and the fighters when you’re away with national team fights?



Kru Dennis: “I have great a team behind me, a lot of support and togetherness at Dynamite Muay Thai. Lily is the manager and she operates the Dynamite fight team like a well oiled machine when I’m away, which is quite often. She will run classes and fighters. A program is in place for the fighters in terms of training, scheduling, support of each other, the gym and its operational duties and maintenance of the gym. In terms of fighter’s fight schedule, Lily will asses their readiness and then I will be the final decision of who’s to fight, at what weight and on which event etc.”







Admin: Lastly… Whats next?



Kru Dennis: “Well let’s see where it goes. There is whisper of potentially postponing the event due to COVID – 19 Pandemic but we are still training alongside Team Fairtex as per fight camp schedule. Literally the day of the medal podium ceremony Zia and I will be straight to the airport bound for Amsterdam for a huge fight in another six days. We need to be ready for the next fight.”




Thank you for your time Kru Dennis!


That is how it’s done; Dynamite Muay Thai, Sor. Nak Dee 9 Fight Team, Team Australia WMO, Team Australia WAKO… Stay tuned.







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