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Dynamite girls in the last few days of fight prep

Melbourne’s Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee fight team are in the middle of a busy 2017 fight season with girls, Zia, Nicole and Maria finishing off fight prep for this weekends fights Nicole Sor. Nak Dee taking on the top ranked girl, Maria Sor. Nak Dee for her Darwin debut fight on Fury Rising Fight Night and Zia Sor. Nak Dee making her comeback fight.







The Dynamite Sor. Nak Dee girls flanking their Head Coach Kru Dennis Sor. Nak Dee after a punishing padwork, sparring and clinch sessions. All the fighters the last few weeks have been put through the ringer leading up to this weekend in particular these three ladies and Jimmy.

Tickets are Selling FAST!





Tickets for Melbourne’s first and possibly Australia’s first – Female Fight Tour – hosted at the Meat Market venue 3 Blackwood Street North Melbourne are selling fast with almost 90% of the seated rows sold out with in the first week of releasing the tickets.


“Due to the venue being Melbourne Council property the strict guidelines permits only a limited number of seated and standing ticket availability.” Kru Dennis (Promoter of Dynamite NAKSOO Muaythai Fight) which is the event host for the Dynamite NAKSOO YOKKAO Next Generation Melbourne dubbed by the promoter – Female Fight Tour – Melbourne


Official numbers have put a cap on this event to strictly 500 pax for the most anticipated international brand YOKKAO Next Generation  (THAILAND) teaming up with Melbourne based, International event promotions Dynamite NAKSOO Muaythai Fight – Asia Fight Tour -


For ticketing details Call or SMS Dynamite Muay Thai on +61 433 568 256, email or via paypal at

Jimmy takes the WIN!

Bourke Street champions, Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee take home another stunning victory with Jimmy ‘The After Party’ Sor. Nak Dee dominating all three rounds over his more experienced counterpart at Warriors Way tonight.





Dynamite Muay Thai Fighter Jimmy ‘The After Party’ Sor. Nak Dee claims the judges unanimous  points win



The fight Scheduled at 3×2 minute rounds of Modified Thai had been altered to 3×2 minutes of FTR Full Thai Rules, which in Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee’s case suits very well as the gym trains in traditional style Muay Thai. “Generally in most circumstances we rarely get to fight with FTR in Melbourne. When my team make their debut its almost impossible to find an opponent who will step up to FTR on their debut meaning we usually only find an FTR fight if we are willing to fight a more experienced opponent who’s roughly fought between 6-7 fights already, the only other option is when they fight overseas or on my event Dynamite NAKSOO Muaythai Fight that they will be able to experience an FTR fight. With Dynamite NAKSOO Muaythai Fight Travelling between Indonesia and Malaysia the fighters get thrown into an authentic 5×3 minute FTR fight as there is no other option in these countries” Kru Dennis Sor. Nak Dee.





Dynamite Muay Thai fighter found out 10 mins before his fight that his fight had been changed to FTR but as the preparation finished pre fight, it changed nothing with Jimmy ‘The After Party’ already programmed to go and hungry for the win. Jimmy came in strong and focussed and credits his win to the unforgiving fight prep of Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee’s Head Coach, Kru Dennis Sor. Nak Dee and the team that makes training hell and fighting a holiday.

Unanimous points WIN!

Dynamite Muay Thai Fighter Moana Sor. Nak Dee known by his team mates as ‘Sing Falang’ (Foreign Lion) from technical fighting style claims a unanimous points victory over his Hanggar 4 opponent.



Moana ‘Sing Falang’ (left) secures another victory for team Dynamite Muay Thai (aka Sor. Nak Dee) against a heavier, more experienced opponent at Ultimate Promotions ULTIMATE LEGENDS



Sing Falang who came in fighting above his weight category last night secures the Unanimous judges decision win with a strong technical focus and clinic style clinching on his much heavier opponent. 





Originally the Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee Fighter who walks around at the weight his opponent came in at started strong, controlling the pace and staying composed throughout all the rounds dominating technically and manoeuvring his opponent.  After a few set backs coming into this fight, one being that his original opponent pulled out two weeks before the fight Moana had to then step up a weight division to be granted a fight. His opponent didn’t make weight coming in almost 2 plus kilograms over the weight division at 74kg instead of the agreed 72kg. General rule of thumb implies that his opponent can drop anywhere between 6-8 kilograms pre fight so Moana’s more experienced opponent will rehydrate much heavier than Moana’s walking weight at 74Kg.







All in all, as the Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee fight team will confirm, the strenuous lead up involved that the Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee fighters must endure in the lead up makes the actual fight the easiest part of the journey. “99.9% of the time the testing and taxing weeks leading up to the fight will be the determining make or break factor in the success or failure of my team, if they don’t quit the gym in the lead up then they’ll walk through any obstacles during fight time” Kru Dennis Sor. Nak Dee.

Another KO win for Sor. Nak Dee

Another first round KO win for Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee in Thailand with Sebastian Sor. Nak Dee taking the 2nd Dynamite KO win in Thailand two weeks straight.





Not the clearest picture but it captures the moment for Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee fighter Sebastian Sor. Nak Dee



Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee fighter Sebastian Sor. Nak Dee, a fast learner, solid clincher and all round good guy. Has a heart of stone and a punch that pound for pound, has quite a nasty sting! As his opponent found out.




First fight in Thailand, first fight ever, Sor. Nak Dee brother steps in and takes a composed and concise stance for a nice win in the first round of a 3x 3minute round of full Thai rules fight in Thailand.

Another win in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong, the scene for Dynamite Mauy Thai Sor. Nak Dee fighter to take another upset win for the crowd favourite.




Hong Kong born Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee fighter Jun Sor. Nak Dee claiming a huge victory in front of his home crowd via a combination followed by right cross knock out.



Jun claims the win in the first 50 seconds of round 1 with a clean shot to the jaw of fellow Hong Kong fighter.





Jun Sor. Nak Dee will be off to Thailand in a few months to prepare for his debut fight on premium Muay Thai event MAX MUAYTHAI FIGHT at MAX MUAY THAI Stadium in Pattaya Thailand.

Tum Qualifies for LION FIGHT!

Tum “Hollywood” will be off to fight at LION FIGHT Promotions in the United Sates as the Australian qualifier!!



(Tum Sityodtong pictured centre right in the red shorts from Sityodtong Gym represents Australia at the next LIOIN FIGHT promotions in the US)


Such a classy display of technical ability, ring craft and good old fashioned Tum humour in the ring. Tum fought against the Victorian Favourite Pat Richards to beat him in the first round of the elimination and followed on to face Sam ” The Shank” Hill who Qualified for Warrior’s Way from New Zealand.



For many, what seamed to be the two contending favourites to win the 65kg 4 man qualifier faced off as most possibly the fight of the night.





Date for the proposed LION FIGHT in the US to be confirmed. 



Asia’s fight was a tough fight as expected though giving everything she had unfortunately Asia lost on points to the Australian number 2 ranked at 57kg.




(Melbourne CBD’s Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee fighter in the red shorts Asia Sor. Nak Dee serving a Tang Kwaa)



Next fight this coming weekend will see team Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee’s Moana “The Tahitian Terror” Sor. Nak Dee and Adela “Atown” Sor. Nak Dee fight at Chelsea Heights at the Fightforce Promotions fight and all the way over the ocean in Hong Kong our boy Jun Sor. Nak Dee fighting at 63Kg.

Lion Fight Qualifier (US)

Weigh in for the US based prestigious Muay Thai event LION FIGHT Promotions will be held at none other than Melbourne’s own Warriors Way 15 event on the 1st of April.



Polish female fighter Asia Sor. Nak Dee, Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee’s newest member will go up against hard hitting ACT girl Pia Salgado of Pheonix Gym. Ranked number 2 in Australia, Pia will definitely bring a fight to Asia who has been difficult to match up for her previous fights here in Melbourne.



 Asia Sor. Nak Dee who is on 10 fights for 8 win, 1 draw, 1 loss will face Pia on the 2nd of April as a 57kg female Super fight on the night.




 (Pictured right is Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee fighter Asia Sor. Nak Dee representing the CBD her new home)



Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee’s Thai affiliated gym Sityodtong has one hopeful for the 65kg 4 Man LION FIGHT qualifier in up and coming fighter Tum Sityodtong.




Tum, known as ” Hollywood ” has been drawn to fight in the first round elimination against Victorian favourite now based in Thailand Pat Richards.



 (Tum Pictured centre on the right side of the LION FIGHT qualifier trophy wearing the green shirt. His opponent Pat sitting beside him wearing the baseball cap)



Both Tum and Asia made weight and ready to replenish for Warrior’s Way 15 at the Doncaster Shopping Town Hotel

Warriors Way 15

The Dynamite NAKSOO Muay Thai Fight – Asia Fight Tour’s good friend Mark Hammer’s event will see the talented fighters of Melbourne going live around the world on Warriors Way 15 with it’s new partnership LION FIGHT PROMOTIONS securing the connection between Australia –  United States joint affiliation. The event will see the winner the main event’s 4 man eliminator qualifying on the next LION FIGHT event in the United States.




Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee’s sole representative will be female fighter ‘Asia W Sor. Nak Dee’ at 57 kg against Australian Muay Thai Fighter Pia from ACT who is currently ranked at a vicious no.2 nationally.




Melbourne based Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee Fighter Asia W. Sor. Nak Dee originally from Poland, will represent Melbourne CBD, Victoria against a national favourite. Both girls with over 10 fights and finding it hard to find opponents willing to fight the full 5 rounds in FTR.









Unfortunately Dynamite teammate, Zia Seua Sor. Nak Dee could not get matched from anyone around the country under FTR for this fight but she will fight another day. 




“We are finding very difficult to match Zia Seua, partly from her weight category of 48-50 Kg and partly due to her experience. Most girls that weight especially in Victoria won’t do FTR and I don’t want her to fight 3x 2minute round K1 or Mod Thai rules because the dynamics are completely different. It will not help her improve her Muay Thai game when we go to fight overseas against girls with triple her experience, we need to be challenging her. Most of her experience was in the deep end with FTR 5×2′s and Tournament or Super 4 Eliminator style otherwise she wouldn’t have had the 9 fights. It was all by chance and we were very lucky to have the opportunity. ” (Kru Dennis Dynamite Head Coach)




Catch Asia W. Sor. Nak Dee in her bright green fight shorts fighting for her new home Victoria.




More details to follow, for tickets call Dynamite Muay Thai on 0433 568 256

Pulling 7 fights for 7 wins

Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee Fighters pull the wins over the weekend!




The proud faces is evident on Kru Dennis and Coach Lily of Melbourne’s quiet little inner city Muay Thai fight gym Dynamite Muay Thai (Aka) Team Sor. Nak Dee





The teams overall performance was outstanding with the bonus of pulling off some crafty techniques and displaying a fine tune game of true Muay Thai which we call “Muay Chess” at the inter-gym fights tallying a total 7 fights for 7 wins!




“Muay Chess” as the name suggests is a technical focus of Muay Thai with its distinct characteristics that set it apart from other striking combat sports as well as other types of Muay Thai taught at Muay Thai gyms across the world as Kru Dennis is solely about the emphasis on the technicality of timing, range, catches and clinching. Although yes it sounds like the most common of things, it’s definitely not on the priority list of things that most Muay Thai gyms concentrate on or are experienced at.This is what makes Muay Thai a stand alone art separating it for many of the Martial Arts found in the region of South East Asia. Something that the Melbourne CBD based in gym prides itself on is the level of expertise and knowledge passed on to even the newest of competitors.





None of the members of Dynamite Muay Thai’s Sor. Nak Dee Fight Family pictured have been training for longer than 7 months but with such a rigorous training regime leading up the fighters were confident in their ability to out perform, out manoeuvre and outwit their competition. All in all a great display of Dynamite Muay Thai’s Sor. Nak Dee Fighting style and for the discipline of the team they were all rewarded with convincing wins against great up and comers.