Muay Thai Hong Kong

2 Weeks and counting!

Dynamite Muay Thai’s Sor. Nak Dee female fighters pose for a quick photo after hard sparring rounds at Dynamite Muay Thai Melbourne HQ.





Dynamite Muay Thai's pro female fighters getting ready for Dynamite NAKSOO Female FIght Tour 3.0



These female warriors will be taking on the call for empowering women in the ring on the next instalment of Dynamite Muay Thai’s international professional female only event Dynamite NAKSOO Female Fight Tour 3.0




All three fighters will step up to fight their respective internatinal repesentative counterparts on Saturday the 14th of April at the historic Meat Market venue 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne.




Dynamite Muay Thai’s Zia ‘Seua Thong’ Sor. Nak Dee will be captaining the team after the recent Oceanic title fight win. “She is feeling confident of the responsebilities of taking charge and leading the team to show them how it’s done.” Head Coach, Kru Dennis.



Zia will be fighting a seasoned Mixed Martial Arts fighter from the renown American MMA training camp Jackson Wink MMA. Selena Sor. Nak Dee and Natalie ‘Yingpetch’ Sor. Nak Dee will be facing hard hitting rising stars from Hong Kong’s Youth Union Gym who always bring a steady flow of serious female figters to Dynamite NAKSOO Female FIght Series.



Watch these ladies in action those details again are:

Dynamite NAKSOO Female Fight Tour 3.0

5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne

For Ticketing enquires:

CALL (03) 9041 7241 or CALL/MESSAGE on 0433 568 256





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Kru Dennis off to Hong Kong

Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee’s Head Coach Kru Dennis Sor. Nak Dee will fly off to Hong Kong in support for the ATMA’s first Muay Thai event held in New territory, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong this weekend.






Often at times Dynamite Muay Thai’s Head Coach Kru Dennis will have to wear many types of hats in the industry of Muay Thai. Not only is he the Head Coach and owner of Dynamite Muay Thai he commands the well respected Sor. Nak Dee fight team along from grass roots level all the way up to international level pro with 99.9% of his team trained solely out of Melbourne based Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee with majority of the fighters having no prior knowledge or experience in Muay Thai or any other martial arts.





Kru Dennis is also one half the promotions Dynamite NAKSOO Muay Thai Fight Series and Dynamite NAKSOO Female Fight Tour which he shares the role with Coach Lily as the promoter for these events in Indonesia, Malaysia and now Melbourne, Australia.







“When we travel which is quite often, it may be to set up some fights for our next Dynamite NAKSOO event, but it is also to talent scout and search for Muay Thai fighters coming up the ranks who might need that extra push in terms of sponsorship or recruitment. We love to share our dream with fighters who have the same passion but are struggling to find fights or to get recognition for example the female Muay Thai fighters who rarely have the option to travel and showcase. We also head out to help and assist training fighters in South East Asia at various camps hoping to provide support for the future champions”.

Another win in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong, the scene for Dynamite Mauy Thai Sor. Nak Dee fighter to take another upset win for the crowd favourite.




Hong Kong born Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee fighter Jun Sor. Nak Dee claiming a huge victory in front of his home crowd via a combination followed by right cross knock out.



Jun claims the win in the first 50 seconds of round 1 with a clean shot to the jaw of fellow Hong Kong fighter.





Jun Sor. Nak Dee will be off to Thailand in a few months to prepare for his debut fight on premium Muay Thai event MAX MUAYTHAI FIGHT at MAX MUAY THAI Stadium in Pattaya Thailand.

Angel wins in Hong Kong!

Melbourne’s Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee fighter Angel Sor. Nak Dee made her team, gym and fight family proud with a great win in 5 rounds of pure Muay Thai action in her home town of Hong Kong.

Fighting abroad and the opportunities for this is represented well with Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee and the Dynamite Muay Thai Promotions NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT being heavily connected through out Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Southern China.

Strong, hard and high work rate is what pushed Angel for the win landing some great elbows on her opponent.

Congratulations from everyone in Melbourne who couldn’t be present to see her take the win

Jun Sor. Nak Dee 2 Fights 2 Wins in 2 Weeks!

What a busy month it has been for Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee Fighter Jun who is now based in Hong Kong.

Jun Sor. Nak Dee Wins in Samsung Tournament Hong Kong

Dynamite Muay Thai fighter Jun Sor. Nak Dee Wins in Samsung Tournament Hong Kong

By day Jun Sor. Nak Dee works in a 9 to 5 grind at the Bank in Asia’s bustling Hong Kong by night he’s training rigorously by himself out of a family run not for profit boxing gym in Hong Kong’s Kowloon district.

Dynamite Muay Thai fighter Jun Sor. Nak Dee Wins in Samsung Tournament Hong Kong

Dynamite Muay Thai fighter Jun Sor. Nak Dee Wins in Samsung Tournament Hong Kong

Stepping up his fight game Jun Sor. Nak Dee has gone from interclub level padded Muay Thai competition less than one month ago straight to Professional Amateur level and wining his bout at the Samsung Festival of Sport.

Kru Dennis commends Jun for his hard work, mindset and belief. ” Jun came to me as a boxer who wanted to get involved in Hong Kong’s fastest growing sport Muay Thai, he excelled and really stood out to be a natural talent”.

With a minimal period, less than one month to be exact Jun rose to the ranks of readiness, cut weight for his first time and was matched up to fight on our New South Wales sister promotion WMF (World Muay Thai Federation) Amateur Fight Night.

Amateur meaning FTR (Full Thai Rules) wearing elbow pads. 3 rounds x3 mins. After flying down to Sydney opponent unfortunately withdrawing at the weigh-in.

These photos are of Jun Sor. Nak Dee’s win competing in the Samsung Festival of Sport in Hong Kong, China.