Women’s Muay Thai

4 from 4 for Team B

Spectacular results from Dynamite Muay Thai’s Team B, our novice arm of Sor. Nak Dee 9 Fight Team. The team consists of Dynamite Muay Thai members up to level two grading or usually well under 12 months training experience. The team are trained heavily from the point of selection to the day they step in for their first novice 3×2 round fight.









I encourage everyone to give it a go! You’ll definitely come out the other side with a new perspective on what we really do. We’re not just a gym, or a fight team its more about sticking together, and believe me everyone is busy. But only a member of Sor. Nak Dee9 would understand. The breakdown is a systematic way to structure your responsibilities and improve your life. Accountability in work, training and life changes dramatically. Its not easy to change but the goal is important. Its about winning in life!” Kru Dennis – Dynamite Muay Thai Head Coach




Four fights, and all in our favour. It’s not just about the fight and winning the fight at Dynamite Muay Thai. It is the journey, along the journey members of Sor. Nak Dee 9 come to realise that what most people think of in Muay Thai and what it is when they initially walk into a gym will have no resemblence. What people think of Muay Thai compared with Dynamite and the endless knowledge at Dynamite is that the process makes winners not luck and definitely not force. Style will account for 90 percent of a decision for a win or loss but the decisive factor for anyone who already understands Muay Thai or K1 is its about showcasing the skills and execution of Muay Thai or Kickboxing specific technicalities. Then there is damage and accuracy for Muay Thai and workmate for K1 and Kickboxing.






Today even at the entry level of fighting, these guys have done all that they have learned and done what it takes to prove the differences to be the successor amongst more experienced opponents.






With all the above components in their learning, they’ve done it and they’ve done it without their head trainer who would never miss a fight but is away with the national team for Team Australia duties as a coach. So from all of us in Dynamite from here, far and away CONGRATULATIONS TEAM!






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2 Weeks and counting!

Dynamite Muay Thai’s Sor. Nak Dee female fighters pose for a quick photo after hard sparring rounds at Dynamite Muay Thai Melbourne HQ.





Dynamite Muay Thai's pro female fighters getting ready for Dynamite NAKSOO Female FIght Tour 3.0



These female warriors will be taking on the call for empowering women in the ring on the next instalment of Dynamite Muay Thai’s international professional female only event Dynamite NAKSOO Female Fight Tour 3.0




All three fighters will step up to fight their respective internatinal repesentative counterparts on Saturday the 14th of April at the historic Meat Market venue 5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne.




Dynamite Muay Thai’s Zia ‘Seua Thong’ Sor. Nak Dee will be captaining the team after the recent Oceanic title fight win. “She is feeling confident of the responsebilities of taking charge and leading the team to show them how it’s done.” Head Coach, Kru Dennis.



Zia will be fighting a seasoned Mixed Martial Arts fighter from the renown American MMA training camp Jackson Wink MMA. Selena Sor. Nak Dee and Natalie ‘Yingpetch’ Sor. Nak Dee will be facing hard hitting rising stars from Hong Kong’s Youth Union Gym who always bring a steady flow of serious female figters to Dynamite NAKSOO Female FIght Series.



Watch these ladies in action those details again are:

Dynamite NAKSOO Female Fight Tour 3.0

5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne

For Ticketing enquires:

CALL (03) 9041 7241 or CALL/MESSAGE on 0433 568 256





Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee proudly sponsored by

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International Women’s Super 4 Weigh-in

Melbourne based Muay Thai gym Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee’s Australian Female representative Zia Seua Sor. Nak Dee has made weight at 49.2 Kg along with the 3 other girls, Inandya Citra of Indonesia from Jakarta Muay Thai MMA weighing in at 49.0 Kg, ‘Chocolate’ Sylvia from Singapore of Onyx MMA weighing in at 49.8 and Malaysian national favourite Mardheana ‘Venomous’ from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia of D1 Dihnar Muay Gym weighing in at 50.1 just making the 100g allowance for the International Women’s 50 Kg Super 4 eliminator title.


The ladies in the Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight Women’s Super 4 from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia were the top ranked fighters in the 49-50.8 Kg category and were carefully selected.




From Left to right: Inandya Citra – Indonesia, Deana Mardheana – Malaysia, Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight – Asia Fight Tour – Promoter Kru Dennis holding the 50kg title belt, Zia Seua Sor. Nak Dee – Australia, Sylvia Chocolate – Singapore



The draw on the day for fight 1 of the Dynamite Muay Thai Women’s Super 4 Eliminator pitted Malaysia Vs Singapore. Local favourite Mardheana against Chocolate to Vs the winner of the Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight Women’s Super 4 winner of fight 2 as semi main event.


Draw 2 of the Women’s Super 4 Eliminator saw Australia Vs Indonesia, ironically almost a rematch where Zia and Citra fought full Thai Rules over 5 rounds in Jakarta the home soil of Citra exactly one year prior. Their last confrontation saw the ladies draw in the Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight main event for Dynamite Muay Thai’s first Instalment of Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight – Celebrating the King of Thailand’s Birthday.


Teeana Fights for IKBF AUS Title

Teeana From Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee Fight Team fighting for the Aus IKBF Title

Teeana Sor. Nak Dee From Melbourne CBD’s Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee Fight Team coached by Kru Dennis, Fought a long hard battle going the distance against 15 fight Muay Thai Veteran and multiple Muay Thai title holder Jaimie ‘The Terror Sherrer.
This fight had been in the making for over 12 months and could have gone either way.

Since the end of the Wai Kru which was beautifully performed both girls went straight to business with Teeana blocking kicks and landing multiple teep kicks back to her opponent. The fight had Teeana having the first 2 rounds and possibly third. Round 4 could’ve gone both ways though Teeana keeping composed and picking her shots failed to impress the judges in the later rounds as it came across as complacent as opposed to Jaimie who was looking for the spinning elbow. Unfortunately Teeana of team Dynamite Did not get the win as the judges favoured ‘The Terror’ throwing everything she had left to be new Australian Women’s IKBF Fly Weight Champion.

Congratulations to both girls especially Teeana from Dynamite who really stepped up and put up for her first professional fight against the veteran Jaimie.

Big Thank you to the Gyms and Promoter Nick Lundh for the opportunity.