Professional Muay Thai Fight Singapore

Dynamite Naksoo Asia Fight Tour setup

Ladies and Gentlemen, Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee presents Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight – Asia Fight Tour – Sandakan, Malaysia.


Final setup is almost complete for the very first premium Muay Thai event ever held in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia. Sandakan renown for being host and home for the ‘International Rugby Sevens’ Competition. ( Where the fighters are doing final prep, weight cut and bunking down). This all possible to the higher powers and our affiliates and friends in Boxxtomoi Asia, Persatuan Muaythai Negri Sabah, Persatuan Muaythai Daerah Sandakan our sponsors Mitsubishi Triton Motorsport Club Sandakan, Askar Hantu 66, Sandakan Police, PGX Photography, MuayTimer Fight Productions, D1 Dihnar Fighting Championships, Harley Davidson Group Sandakan,Wallace Tan from Borneo Warriors post Sabah.




In the pictures following International Promoters from Australia Kru Dennis and Coach Lily from Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee and leading the Aussie fighter Zia in the Women’s International Super 4 Eliminator 50 Kg title are doing final PA and sound checks, lighting checks, Smoke, Flames and Air blower checks to make sure the event is primed ahead of the big night.



























This marks the first instalment of Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee Promotions leap towards the “Breaking of boundaries”. Although Australian owned from Melbourne and formerly operations based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight is now opting to base its event in Sandakan and work around leaving Malaysia as the hub.



This multi nation event kicks of its first of many Asian Fight Tours after its 3rd run of the Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai series was put on hold in the original location of Yogyakarta at the Majestic surrounds of Borobudor for his Majesty the King of Java. But it is highly likely the tour will return to Indonesia after the Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight completes full circle moving from Country to Country through South East Asia with Singapore as well as other parts of Malaysia on the map for the Asia Fight Tour before it makes a bold move to incorporate a Northern Hemisphere alliance with France and finalise the talks with US Sanctioning bodies to establish Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight – US Fight Tour - mid to late 2017.

International Women’s Super 4 Weigh-in

Melbourne based Muay Thai gym Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee’s Australian Female representative Zia Seua Sor. Nak Dee has made weight at 49.2 Kg along with the 3 other girls, Inandya Citra of Indonesia from Jakarta Muay Thai MMA weighing in at 49.0 Kg, ‘Chocolate’ Sylvia from Singapore of Onyx MMA weighing in at 49.8 and Malaysian national favourite Mardheana ‘Venomous’ from Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia of D1 Dihnar Muay Gym weighing in at 50.1 just making the 100g allowance for the International Women’s 50 Kg Super 4 eliminator title.


The ladies in the Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight Women’s Super 4 from Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia were the top ranked fighters in the 49-50.8 Kg category and were carefully selected.




From Left to right: Inandya Citra – Indonesia, Deana Mardheana – Malaysia, Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight – Asia Fight Tour – Promoter Kru Dennis holding the 50kg title belt, Zia Seua Sor. Nak Dee – Australia, Sylvia Chocolate – Singapore



The draw on the day for fight 1 of the Dynamite Muay Thai Women’s Super 4 Eliminator pitted Malaysia Vs Singapore. Local favourite Mardheana against Chocolate to Vs the winner of the Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight Women’s Super 4 winner of fight 2 as semi main event.


Draw 2 of the Women’s Super 4 Eliminator saw Australia Vs Indonesia, ironically almost a rematch where Zia and Citra fought full Thai Rules over 5 rounds in Jakarta the home soil of Citra exactly one year prior. Their last confrontation saw the ladies draw in the Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight main event for Dynamite Muay Thai’s first Instalment of Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight – Celebrating the King of Thailand’s Birthday.


Dynamite Naksoo Asia Fight Tour Weigh-in

Weigh-in day for the international Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight – Asia Fight Tour – Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia is under way with the Eagle’s Rugby Club Home of Borneo Sevens Rugby playing host for the technical meeting and weigh-in.



Today will see the national representatives of Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, France, Malaysia and surrounding Malaysian provinces Kedah, Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, Karabaw, Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan fly in and come together for the first time since arriving in Sandakan, Malaysia.



Here are a few of the photos courtesy of one of the Official Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight Asia Fight Tour – photographers PGX Photography


Weigh-in Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight – Asia Fight Tour – Proudly brought to you by Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee, Persatuan Muaythai Daerah Sandakan, Boxxtomoi Asia and Persatuan Muaythai Negri Sabah



International Bout Shah 66 Black Machine Malaysia (66 Unicorn) Vs Juhed Sinfor Indonesia (Sinfor/Dynamite Jakarta)




Malaysian State Vs State – Sherry Bingku Karabaw MT (Team Karabaw) Vs Yuezrieyna Abdullah Sandakan (66 Unicorn)

Promoter Kru Dennis with Joi Thailand Vs Pon Saifullah, International Bout Thailand Vs Malaysia


 Promoter Kru Dennis with Charles,International bout France VS Malaysia

Malaysia Dynamite Naksoo is COMING!

Preparations for Dynamite NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT 3 – Asia Fight Tour in Scenic beach town Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia in under way with only 3 weeks to go local fighters are starting prepare to flock towards the coastal Malaysian tourist getaway.




Wall to wall banners and billboards, local shopfronts and light pole drop banners in all the home towns of the fighters of Dynamite NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT – ASIA FIGHT TOUR – has swamped the region with marketing of the first Muay Thai event for this Malaysian state.









Local car group Mitsubishi Triton Motorsport Club Sandakan have been a major part to the promotional influence as well as the local Police and military with Sandakan Military providing security, Sandakan Police providing VVIP escorts to and from the venues as well as sponsoring one of the “International Super Fights”. Harley Davidson Motorcycles Sandakan will also escort the convoy set to be driving through the city of Sandakan with the final destination being the Sports Stadium Complex Sandakan.











VIP Door to door pick from arriving at the Airport to the day we left Mitsubishi Triton Motorsport Club Sandakan was there for our entire trip.






Photographers flying in from all national territories of the Malaysian states as well as media and radio who will broadcast the event live on National Malaysia TV will be present from the weigh-in day at the famous Eagles Rugby Club Stadium.


*Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee pressents Dynamite Naksoo Muaythai Fight – Asia Fight Tour -


Just a teaser of the upcoming fight event from Melbourne based International Muay Thai fight series “NAKSOO MUAYTHAI FIGHT 3″ – Asia Fight Tour.


The fight tour has been confirmed to promote Muay Thai Amateur and Professional International level Muay Thai in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.




Hosted by Australian Muay Thai gym Dynamite Muay Thai Sor. Nak Dee, Dynamite Naksoo Promotions, supported by Boxxtomoi Asia, 66 Unicorn Muay Gym and officially sanctioned by Persatuan Muay Thai Negri Sabah and Persatuan Muay Thai Daerah Sandakan.